Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Trailer for the Show! Jericho: Beyond the Blue Line

I am happy to say that we have shot the first episode for Jericho: Beyond the Blue Line!

Here is the video!

Now, I am expect a certain amount of view hits. I am looking for the trailer to get 5,000 hits with in one week!

This will help me greatly when talking to on-set designers or landlords. Now, every view is important. Please! The only think I ask for is to view this trailer and let everyone what is going on!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

First Week

Well, I want to let everyone know about the first week. WE got the game! YEY! Now, we are currently working on the overview of the show/story line. Do because we do not have a budget we are going to be working with a "cloverfield" style camera work. Which will be great! This will give a sense of realism that we need with a internet. It is going to be a form of a video blog through the eyes of the main characters. I hope! The writers are still talk about the story and how it work with no budget.

I am hoping for June 4th but it looks like it going to be some time in the fall. But I will still try to shoot for that date.

Stay tune for more information about the production of Jericho: Beyond the Blue Line!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Welcome to the production blog!

Hello everyone,

This is the production blog for the fan based web-episodes called Jericho: Beyond the Blue Line.

At this time we are currently working on the story of the show. I expect that to be done with a week or two. I would like to be finshed by June 4th but I do not see that happening.

Subcribe to get the RSS feeds and also check out for Jericho news.

We are still looking for Jericho fans that want to help out. We are currently looking for actors at this time. I think we have enough writers at this time. More can be added to get more input.

I will be uploading video/pics from different things we are coming up with for the show and were things will take place.

Thanks again!